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Our family-owned and operated market was established in 1866 – making it the oldest store on Hatteras Island. It was founded by Caleb and Alonzo Stowe after they were released from a Yankee prison during the Civil War. Caleb is the great, great, great grandfather of the current owner, Allen Burrus. The original name of the market was “Stowe Store” and it sold mostly pigs.  Original ledgers from the early days show that they also sold sugar and other groceries, ammunition, and calico. During this time, all of our supplies were delivered by freight boats from Washington, NC. Once the freighters stopped running, family members would make the day long trip to Norfolk, VA where they would purchase products from their suppliers. When Lucy Allen Stowe (Alonzo’s daughter) married, the store received its current name: Burrus Market. The original store was wooden but was renovated to the current red brick in 1962.

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